Master Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Lesson Sequence Week of Feb. 26, 1996
Week Objective: The Students will execute the ax kick at the
indicated levels of proficiency. Main Points: the ax kick is not a
crescent kick. Execute the kick straight up and straight down. Hit
with the bottom of your foot. It is used primarily when your opponent
is attacking the center of your body – throw it generally to the
center of your opponent’s body. Be careful with this kick – if it is
not done correctly it can hurt the student’s back.
Ax kick: White 65%, yellow 75%, green 85%, red 100%, black 100%
Indicators: stance, front knee, straight kick (knees together),
Warm ups – traditional, run, jumping jacks, extra stretches, stretch
on walls,
2/26 2/27 2/28 2/29 3/1
* review basic movement then forms
*front kick, peechuge, side kick, and back kick in place and/or down
the floor
* Ax kick to pads in small groups
* Game
* basic movements then forms
* peechuge, side kick, and back kick to opponent or with pads
*Ax kick to pads in small groups
* Offense /defense sparing
* Game
* forms and 3 step sparing
* peechuge to pads with partners
* ax kick to pads with partners
* tournament style sparing one pair at a time – 1 point contest
* 3 step sparing
* peechuge and peechuge back kick with partners
* ax kick down the floor then to pads
* body protection on – ax kick to center
* Game
* 3 step sparing and form review
* peechuge patterns -pick 3 or 4
* body protection ax kick to center
* light sparing with body protection
* Game


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