Master Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Lesson Sequence Week of July 29, 1996
Week Objective: This is the last of the speed emphasis weeks.
Emphasize speed in that patterns. Attached is another list of the
patterns Sabrina compiled. Mark with a check which patterns you do
with the class. If you – or Sabrina has any others, please add them.
Concentrate on speed with the patterns. We will also briefly review
the back hook kick and jumping back kick.
Jumping back kicks – emphasize jumping up in the air, proper stancebefore
and after the jump, and unified body.
Back hook kick – emphasize a straight turn, target line is shoulder
line, turn center of gravity – no bending or swinging. Relate back
hook kick to back kick and side kick.
Instructors may want to have juniors make a poster of the jump back
kick or back hook kick – they would draw a picture and then list the
important points. The posters would be taken home and would really
impress parents.
Use pads, protection, offense-defense, light sparring without
protection and with protection.
7/29 7/30 7/31 8/1 8/2 8/3
* front foot cut kick then back hook kick
*side, back, then jump back kick
* speed stretch -front and side – use bars
* speed stretch
* back hook kick
* speed stretch
* jump back kicks
* speed stretch


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