Master Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Lesson Sequence Week of July 15, 1996
Week Objective: This week we work on speed. The emphasis is on:
light stance
toe – balance on the inside
both heels up
quick movement to start
Additional warm up exercises – fast walking back and forth, running,
fast starts.
Kicks are to the center of the body. Punches are light and quick
front kick. Any drills with front kick or peechugee that emphasize
speed are fine – however please list them.
7/15 7/16 7/17 7/18 7/19 7/20
* front kick and peechugee fast start down floor
– then from a bounce
* punch down floor then punch down floor from fighting stance
* 2 or 3 peechuge -down floor
* peechuge with opponent holding pad
*peechugee with partner
* 3 peechuge down floor
* class or small group 3 peechuge to pad
* punch to mirror
* punch to body armor
*down floor step forward peechugee – then from a bounce -then step
back peechugee
* 2 peechuge-back kick down floor
* peechuge punch to body armor
*peechugee to pads
* 3 punches from practice stance down floor
– then sparring stance
* small groups kick pads
contest for beginners – quickest pairs, 10 kick race
Beginners can also do basics “speedy”
advanced -patterns with speed


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