Master Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Lesson Sequence Week of June 10, 1996.
Continue on defensive movements. After blocks we do avoidance moves.
Moving back – move quick – toe push away
With the 6:00 class, practice jamming and blocking with the leg – be
careful. Also use pattern counters.
Warm ups: traditional, run, jumping jacks, extra stretches, stretch on
walls, etc.
6/10 6/11 6/12 6/13 6/14 6/15
* blocks inside to out, outside in, upper, lower
* peechuge down floor
* 2 peechuge down floor
* kick to pads
* game
* basics blocks
* block in side stance and side punch
* peechuge side kick down floor
* small group peechuge punch to pad
* game
* review basic blocks-add knife hand
* whole class slides back as instructor moves forward. Then step back.
Then from bounce.
* review blocks
* whole class slides back then step back as instructor signals or
moves forward.
* contest best pair blocks
* review blocks
* In pairs slide then step back when kicked at – instruc gives command
to start.
* show them the counter
* game
* review basics
* all basic blocks
* whole class or pairs slide back/step back as instructor signals or
moves forward.
* all basic blocks
* peechuge slide back with opponent. Then peechuge step back. Add
counter peechuge.


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