Master Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Lesson Sequence Week of March 4, 1996
This week, some students will be preparing for the State Championships
while others will be working on the punch and promotion test
* If possible, splint the classes into the two groups. Classes like
the 4:00 P.M. where no students will fight will do all punch and
promotion test.
* With more advanced classes, blend everyone into competition
Weekly Objective Competition: Drill combinations and sparring
Weekly Objective Non-competition: The students will execute the punch
at the following levels of proficiency: White 40 to 65%, yellow 80%,
green 90%, red 100%, black 100% Indicators: stance, straight punch,
hit with the two knuckles, proper coordination of body, adequate speed
and adequate power.
Warm ups – traditional, run, jumping jacks, extra stretches, stretch
on walls,
Competition Groups – Note add punch to control inside fighting – when
appropriate. Modify and add combinations when necessary – note on the
note sheet.
3/4 3/5 3/6 3/7 3/8
* peechuge down floor from a bounce
* body armor peechuge -peechuge -punch with opponent
* check -peechuge -peechuge with pad
* explain rules alternate offense defense with sparing
* peechuge to pads off line
* step back – peechuge -to pad
* body armor peechuge -peechuge
* side kick to opponent
* explain rules -alternate light spar with sparing
* side kick then side kick peechuge to pads
* body armor side kick to opponent
* Opponents side kick counter with peechuge
* Extensive sparing
* peechuge, step back peechuge, side kick to pads
* body armor peechuge, peechuge-peechuge, and side kick
* step back counter peechuge and counter back kick
* Light sparing -emphasize speed
* peechuge, step back peechuge, side kick to pads


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