Master Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Lesson Sequence Week of May 13, 1996
Week Objective: This week the sparring is light. In all activities
emphasize hitting exactly on target and speed. Matches are with
pairs. Endurance drills for 10-15 minutes a class continue through
With advanced students, give them time to work in pairs on techniques
they will use in the fight. They do the same combination 5 or 6 times
before changing – very self structured – exact shots.
Remind the students to buy cups and shin/instep guards.
5/13 5/14 5/15 5/16 5/17 5/18
* review blocks down floor step forward and back
* front kick, peechuge, side kick with pads
* game
* basic forms
* 2 peechuge down floor
* small group peechuge punch to pad
* as a class step kick, then step back kick
* game
* 3 step sparring
* 3 peechuge -punch down floor
* whole class slides or steps as instr
signals-then add counter
* review forms and 3 step spar
* 3 peechuge down floor
* whole class slides or steps to the side and kicks as instructor
* review blocks, basics, forms
* In pairs slide to the side to avoid a kick -then counter
*speed single peechuge to pad
* game
* basics and blocks
* stepping back and block
* 3 step sparring
* whole class moves forward, back as instructor signals
* avoid kick
* from a bounce side kick peechuge down floor – add punch
* pairs avoid peechuge to side then counter
* light sparring -no contact


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