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Ki Chung Kim Lessons April 29, 1996

Lesson Sequence Week of April 29, 1996
Week Objective: This week we continue training for competition.
However, we have to reduce the injuries. Light sparring and lots of
drills. Do endurance drills for 10-15 minutes a class. Sparring – one
black belt watches 2 pairs at the most.
To the lessons, add drills such as: peechuge-jab, peechuge-back kick,
peechuge-ax, PLUS PUNCH. Also add patterns.
With advanced students, give them time to work in pairs on techniques
they will use in the fight.
Remind the students to buy cups and shin/instep guards.
4/29 4/30 5/1 5/2 5/3 5/4
* basic forms
* front kick, peechuge, side kick in place and then down floor
* small group kick pads
* game
* review blocks down floor
* 2 peechuge down floor
* small group peechuge punch to pad
* game
* basic forms
* 3 peechuge -punch down floor
* whole class slides or steps as instr
signals-then add counter
* review basics
* 3 peechuge down floor
* whole class slides or steps to the side and kicks as instructor
* review blocks, basics, forms
* In pairs slide to the side to avoid a kick -then counter
* game
* review basics, blocks, and form 1
* whole class moves forward, back as instructor signals
* avoid kick
* 2 peechuge down floor then add back kick, ax kick or punch
* pairs avoid peechuge to side then counter
* light sparring -no contact
* game