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Ki Chung Kim Lessons May 20, 1996

Lesson Sequence Week of May 20, 1996
Week Objective: This week we start falls and throws. We have to be
very careful so that they students do not get injured. The most
important thing is for the students to throw properly – not just slam
down their opponents.
What to have the students learn:
Break fall
* your head or face never hits
* smooth roll
* slap mat really hard for a better break
Shoulder tackle
* the tackle is most important
* left foot equal to opponent right
* don’t move your right foot until you completely knock your opponent
off balance with the tackle
* well balance yourself
* knock off right leg in air
Hip throw
* as you go in your body must be perfect – from your knee up to
shoulder. Your right knee and thigh is inside your opponents right
knee and thigh. Your hip right into their groin. Your ribs and
shoulder right on their chest.
* well leverage
* lift them up
Start all classes with about 10-15 minutes of TKD
drills/techniques/exercises then go into falls.
For the 4:00PM, select from the 5:00PM as is appropriate for their
level of development. Check off what you accomplish with the 4:00PM
so that they get all the basic break falls and throws.
With the classes you need control of, have them do the rolls/falls
across the mat so that they only do one roll. You can have 3 or 4
groups go at once to keep it moving.
Be real careful this week.
Warm ups: traditional, run, jumping jacks, extra stretches, stretch on
walls, etc.
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